Texas Instruments 500 system PLC repair

Texas Instruments 500 system repair service

25 Years of Experience
TI 500 system base with 500-5037A 500-5047A 500-2151 500-5009 500-2109 500-2114 500-2112

500 System Repair

The Texas Instruments 500 system PLC has long been a favorite among integrators for it's reliability and easy of use. We at Carolina Board Repair understand the tremendous costs involved with replacing a complete system and so we are here to offer our service and expertise in the repair of your Texas Instruments 500 system modules. With our 25 years of experience in the automation equipment repair industry. You will find we are well qualified and capable of delivering top rated quality service. Our repair turn around time is usually several days faster than that of our competitors. We also offer very competitive pricing. With out repair price typically being 20-30% lower than that of other leading repair facilities.

Texas Instruments 500 System test bench

Our technicians our very knowledgeable of their specific line of repair. They are capable of testing your equipment both at the bench as well as in our OEM system utilizing the best tools and software available.
All 500 System modules are tested in a live OEM rack after repair. As well as Prior to shipment in order to ensure that your equipment is fully operational and free of flaws and defects. You can rest assured that your equipment will be repaired correctly on time for a price that just can't be beat.

Texas Instruments 500 System Base with Analog modules for testing equipment